Coordination of Hospice Care

Regal Senior Care’s philosophy of quality care and our commitment to individualized treatment extends to all residents, including those needing end-of-life care.

Regal Senior Care’s communities can coordinate hospice care services on an as-needed basis with professional caretakers who specialize in supporting the unique emotional and physical needs of seniors on hospice with the utmost dignity and compassion. As coordination of hospice care guidelines differ by region, Regal Senior Care communities partner with qualified medical staff and volunteers that meet local hospice care requirements, while also following Regal Senior Care standards for personalized care.

Entering the hospice care stage of life is often a complicated, overwhelming experience for family members of a resident with late-stage dementia or a terminal illness. With a shared ambition for providing compassionate care, Regal Senior Care and our community coordination of hospice care partners welcome communication and participation from family members toward creating a comfortable environment for the resident. Regal Senior Care coordinates and assists residents and family members through the Palliative Care process, which provides a multidisciplinary approach to caring for patients and relieving their suffering at any stage of their disease. Regal Senior Care coordination of hospice care also offers ongoing emotional support and practical guidance for navigating this emotional phase of life with a loved one.

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