Dining at Heron House of Largo

Choice and friendship is always on the menu at Heron House.

In addition to providing chef prepared meals making friends is always on the menu. Mealtime is a social outlet and sense of community is often the “main course” for our daily meals, themed menus and specialty events.

Meals at Heron House of Largo are prepared with an emphasis on culinary integrity to sustain its nutritional value and a focus on healthy diets to help residents maintain their wellbeing. Our residents take an active role in developing the menus, spicing up offerings with treasured family recipes and taking a mindful approach to offering ample choices and selection.

Food is the spice of our resident’s life. Maintaining a balanced diet is imperative in managing the numerous medical problems that accompanies aging. Heron House staff in consultation with your loved ones, their doctors will ensure your loved receives a meal that is delicious and nutritious. Dessert is an all time favorite. Ice cream socials are always an anticipated event.

Our chefs create culinary masterpiece’s that transforms regular meals into a dining experience. Presentation is not lost in our creations and our elegant dining room adds to the total experience.

Special occasions like holidays are even more meaningful because resident family members are always welcome.

Our goal is to make meal time an enjoyable event that brings friends together -eating good food, sharing the day’s experience and celebrating all that life has to offer.


Join the food committee and watch your culinary dreams come true! Actively collaborate with the Dining Service Directors and the Executive Chef on a monthly basis to evaluate and enhance the dining program. We invite you to create the perfect recipe for your lifestyle and share it with your senior living community!