Short Term Stays in Largo, Florida

Whether a loved one is traveling out of town, in need of some time off from the demands of being a caregiver or seeking temporary assistance following surgery or even rehabilitation Heron House offer short-term programs in a safe, comfortable, and caring environment. Relax and rest assured that your loved one is being cared for. Contact your community regarding availability.


Sometimes a loved one needs a place to stay for just a brief time. Just because the length of the visit is short, that doesn’t mean that you or they should ever have to worry about the quality of services and care.

Heron House Short Term Stays are excellent solutions for a number of circumstances, whether intended or unforeseen.

The Short Term Stay for your loved one may be a nice way for someone to get a “feeling” for the Heron House family. These residents receive the same high level of services and care as our long-term residents, and they have access to all of our life enrichment programs, as well as three locally sourced meals a day. Our staff gets a chance to spend time with all of our residents and get to know them on every level throughout their time at Heron House.